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hi, beautiful!
I'm Suzanna Kaye.
Since 2006 I've been a professional organizer, productivity trainer and LinkedIn/ Author. I've taught over a million people online and in person to be more organized and productive.

But here's the real stuff... confession - I was definitely NOT born organized! I struggled for years to find the methods that worked for me and what didn't (a LOT of what didn't). I discovered by getting out from under the guilt and heaviness of disorganization I know women can shine brighter in the world.
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Learn with Suzanna about specific topics in organizing and paper management. Use the Paper Path course to create a paper system to file every paper in your home!
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This membership provides you the support, motivation and guidance to make progress in your organizing journey one small step at a time.
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"After using Suzanna Kaye's methods I feel more confident that I will eventually have the things I want to get organized, organized and will be able to keep it that way. I no longer beat myself up about not finishing every task on my list in one day."

-Roseella, NYC

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Pathfinder+ Club is Open!
This club provides you the support, motivation and guidance to make progress in your organizing journey one small step at a time. We accomplish this with:

✓ weekly encouragement emails & texts
✓ Group Hike Accountability Sessions
✓ Bi-monthly Office Hours

✓ Exclusive discounts 
✓ a community just like you!

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Spark! Life Binder is Available!
Take the guesswork out of managing and communicating your most important information. Available in print, digital or both, your binder includes:

✓ 1 Emergency Folder Section, a quick grab for any emergency situation
✓ 9 Guided Core Sections to Collect and Organize Your Data
✓ Printable and Fillable PDF Versions or a fully customized binder sent directly to your home

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In the Community
When Suzanna was featured on HSN's Healthy You program she was asked how disorganization affects you. Well, here's what she had to say...
"Life is so much easier. I think differently, in the present, without going too far ahead of myself, and becoming discouraged and confused...Thank you so much for helping others who struggle with letting go and organizing. You give us manageable guidelines and freedom for success. I’m so grateful for you!"

-Linda T., Nottingham, PA

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